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Important Notification
Release of the New Enterprise Portal

The United States Army Materiel Command (AMC) Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) and Project Manager Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (PM AESIP) announce the release of the new Enterprise Portal going live 10 December 2018. The new Enterprise Portal creates a single point of entry to access the current Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) and AESIP Hub capabilities. This portal delivers a seamless integration of data, empowering analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting across the multitude of disparate enterprise and enterprise-enabling logistics systems. Please see the linked STRATCOM for more details

Enterprise Materiel Status Reporting (EMSR)

Starting 21 November 2018, the AR-COP EMSR Readiness Report is the authoritative consolidated view of ground, APS, and aviation readiness data from both ERP and non-ERP data sources. Do not refer to WebLIDB/RIDB/LMR for official readiness answers. Please see this STRATCOM for more information.

Maintenance Master Data File (MMDF) Change Request and Query

MMDF Change Request process went live in the Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) Portal on 25 September 2018. However, Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC)/Program Management (PM) personnel shall continue to use the MMDF Change Request tool in the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) until 1 November 2018. On 1 November 2018, all LCMC/PM personnel who currently have access to the LIW MMDF Change Request tool will be grandfathered access to the new AESIP MMDF Change Request process in the AESIP Portal. Please see this STRATCOM for more information.

Sunset of 360 Logistics Readiness

The 360 Degree Logistics Readiness tool will be sunset (i.e., retired) from the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) Portal on 7 November 2018. Please see this STRATCOM for more info.

Message from MSG Half-Mast Regarding New PS Magazine Mobile App

Please click here to read MSG Half-Mast's message.

Sunset of Supply Bulletin (SB) 700-20 Search
On 1 OCT 18, customers will no longer be able to access the SB 700-20 Search tool or reports via the LIW Portal or any saved links. While LOGSA is sunsetting its SB 700-20 capability, a similar capability is available within the Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) Portal. This AESIP capability is the enduring solution for the Enterprise. Please see this STRATCOM for more details.
Data retrieved from any LIW application is to be considered UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and should be marked accordingly.
AESIP Bridge Icon in LIW

To all aviation readiness reporters, LOGSA is aware that the 1352 and UAV upload icons have been removed from LIW. In the near future (not later than 12 Oct) an additional permanent icon will be placed in LIW. It will be in the bottom section along with the App Warehouse, Force Builder, Materiel List Builder, and the Help icons. This icon will be a bridge into AESIP EMSR tab which will allow you to perform Aviation 1352 data entry and UAV upload file. Additionally, here are some links to AESIP and the Uperform training. The Uperform training is accessible to everyone down to the PC clerks. As always, the LOGSA readiness team stands ready to assist in any way necessary.

uPerform Training link:
Training found under 05 Equipment Materiel Status Reporting DCS URL FOR ALL DATES AND TIMES: